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Birth of Living Code() {

When does code have a value, validity, an opinion, even possibly become alive?

This podcast doesn't have an answer to this, but rather tries to give meaningful stories upon this question...

Episode 1 cover image

Episode 1.

Is a tamagotchi alive? Is a beloved teddybear alive? This episode explores the question of living code. What does it even mean to be alive?

Episode 2 cover image

Episode 2.

Can a robot make you feel loved, happy, give you fullfillment... make you feel sad and alone? This episode explores the question of the validity of code. Would you trust the word of a robot?

Episode 3 cover image

Episode 3.

Would you touch hot fire with bare hands? Probably not. That's your intuition guiding you, and you've learned that somewhere. So far, code has no intuition. Could code use human intuition?

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